Saturday, 18 January 2014

The science of skin colour and matching Polish.

Choosing the right nail colour for your skin a science…….!

The fairer or lighter the skin, the more pink undertones it will have. Offsetting this colour will calm those pinky tones down and draw out the cooler blue undertones.  So to create a warmer glow you can go for a beige or champagne polish, however I would use a golden shimmer over a nude or pink to achieve this as the browner the shade, the less attractive the hands will look. Avoid bright yellows and stick to colours with blue or pink undertones as fair skin will enhance them. Neons also work well but avoid yellow and dark green, a lighter more grass green will work.

Medium skin on the other hand has a warmer undertone - golden yellow base varnishes look great, working with corals, oranges and reds. Avoid the cooler blues, greys and silvers as this will create a less healthy look to your hands. Brights like greens would also work.

Darker skin can carry heavier shades and the richer the better, purples and deep juicy oranges, hot pinks and vibrant reds will not look out of place. The use of shimmers and glitters is not as wearable as on the fair to light and medium skin tones, due to their cooler tones.

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