Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Organised Chaos

I set aside a few hours yesterday to work through some new colour collections and check out the Big box of samples that came over the Holidays. I was very excited, there is nothing nicer than pulling out bags and bags and bags...... OMG....and bags of colours, different shades of the same colour, different particle sizes of the same colour, some with glitter some matt, some satin.......oh dear, this just might take a little longer than a few hours...

3 hours later......and my OCD on over drive

So with my hands looking like a Rainbow fairy has thrown up on them, glitter and colour particles floating all over my work area, and I am still looking at more than half my packets un-opened. I NEED STRUCTURE..... this is chaos, I need to work out a system, but in my head I am thinking,
"I don't have time to sit and work out a system......I don't have time to paint a whole heap of tips so I can try out this little lot on them" On top of this I have my 'inner creative goddess' doing summersaults and high fiving me...singing in my ear ideas and suggestions of  NEW collections, combinations and Design possibilities.
So come 7pm I ended up packing away my mess, and pouring myself a long tall glass of be begin again this morning.

Big sigh....Rainbow land here I come......I love my job.

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