Thursday, 9 January 2014

Marble with gel - steps

I realised  have a host of steps which I have dotted around the Internet, on various social media pages, my website or just sat collecting dust in my drop box, some of them have been published and some never seen the light of day.  When I reviewed the amount of steps I have placed on here in comparison to my back catalogue collecting dust, I despair at my lack of fore thought. I hope to be including a few more over the next coming weeks, and make up for this digression.

For this design I used gel paints


I find a lot of people say they know how to marble, but when we come down to it, we end up making a big hot mess. To Marble there is a few golden rules to think of.

  • Always drag your brush in the same direction, do not go horizontal and then vertical. don't make cris crosses or spirals. allow the lines you pull drag the colour, and those spirals will form on their own. 
  • Stick with just 3 colours, from the same part of the colour wheel, to make it the most appealing marble. this is will create a soft effect. then use white to make it pop, this white will also blend with the other colours to give you an additional shade. 
  • apply liberal amounts of gel, and then pull off the gel as you drag your brush. wipe after each pull through. you will end up with a thin coat, but the excess gel, will allow the colours to merge and blend
So all that said, step 1 - create a marble finish on your nail. For this i am using gel paints form be Creative, they are amazing for blending, as the pigments are so concentrated, the colours just melt together with ease. they also do not self level, which means your not playing catch up with your gel, you can apply your gel to 4 of your nails and complete the whole hand before you need to place it under the lamp. 


Cap your marble with clear gel and then file and finish. we are creating the nail, with structure and strength at this stage so we can apply the design over the top. 

Outline the design, using the 'orange brush'  from be creative. dipped into the gel paint. the reason why I use gel paint in stead of regular nail art paint is to create a more flexible medium to work with, I can stretch the gel and make my lines crisp.  but this does not stop you using the nail art pen and paint.

for more information CLICK HERE, 

What remains is to simply fill in one half of the area, leaving little holes in the black. Cure the nail and then top coat. 

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