Friday, 10 January 2014

Optical Illusion nail art

I wanted to create something other than flowers, butterflies and swirls with the nail art pen, and with the current trends for textures and backgrounds, these optical illusions designs are a clever way to create show stopper nails, without much effort. All you need is a nail art pen, and some black paint. For the purpose of the step by step I have kept the back ground white. 

  1. Paint the nail with gel polish, top coat and buff off shine. 
  2. dip your nail art pen into the black paint and draw lines diagonal across the nail, in the same direction. 
  3. do the same in the opposite direction. 
  4. within those squares, use the nail art pen to create smaller squares in the bottom right portion. 
  5. for your final application, draw a line from the corner of your smaller black squares up to the corner of its larger one. this will create a box effect. then all you need to do is top coat. 

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